SK-38 Ohana Soprano Vintage features & build specs a homage to a 1930's Vintage Martin Style 2

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OHANA SK38 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele $430 AUD.

Vintage features and build specs, a homage to a 1930's Vintage Martin Style 2

Free Case.
Free Clip On Headstock Tuner
Free Setup (Low G or High G,Worth or Aquila Strings)
Free Shipping in Australia.


Ken Middleton, well known British ukulele teacher and player posed a few questions.

1. Could Ohana Ukuleles make a modern ukulele in the style of a vintage Martin Ukulele?

2. Could Ohana Ukuleles get it made in China at a reasonable Price?

3. Could you recreate some of the 'charm of old things' in a new instrument straight out of Chinese industrial processes?

Quite a challenge that Ken Middleton proposed to Ohana Ukuleles, a vintage Martin feel at an affordable price!

Ohana Ukuleles searched for two years for a suitable vintage Martin ukulele to analyse and dissect. They chose a Martin style 2 1930 as "The Martyr' ukulele to be dismantled and reverse engineered.

Several stages and successive prototypes later they have released the SK-38 which shares the essential qualities of the "Martin Style 2" but with a low Aussie Dollar Price of $430.

Ken Middleton and Ohana Ukuleles have made an impressive team to produce an impressive Ukulele, the enthusiasm of Ken for this project is contagious, the SK-38 is a very enjoyable instrument that is in the "Hard to put down' Category.

The uke sports all solid mahogany construction, robust sound, and vintage appeal with a very affordable price tag. The overall tone, play-ability and quality of the Ohana SK-38 certainly ticks off the 'Vintage Vibe" check-list nicely.

To add to the vintage style vibe the finish is satin and the binding is a nice cream colour. The ukulele has world famous quality Gotoh Brand friction tuners that hold tuning very well and are easy to dial in accurately. The SK-38 comes strung with Italian Aquila Nylgut strings, no doubt the sting choice teaming with the ultra thin mahogany soundboard to make this a loud little bugger, The SK-38 has that 'cut through the mix' quality, you will be heard in the crowd.

Great feel under the fingers from the Rosewood fingerboard and well seated smooth finished nickel frets. The Neck is Mahogany and is of a nice C shape, not too much of a taper along its length there is still plenty of 'meat' at the nut area where the headstock tilts back, very comfortable and Barre chords at the 1st and 2nd frets are a breeze.

I'd guess that the time allotted at the production facility to do the factory set-up is more generous than some because right out the box the SK-38 is pretty good. All Ohana Ukuleles get checked at the factory and checked again by Ohana themselves. The Ebony wood Nut looks neatly cut and the strings slots well cut. The Ebony wood saddle is also neatly made and fits well in the Rosewood Bridge. Action is pretty good and intonation good

I don't settle for a ukulele that is below par so neither should you. But of course ALL Ukuleles can benefit from a good final set-up and this set-up process makes a huge impact on the play-ability and enjoyment of your instrument.

Purchase a ukulele from me and I will include a final Set-up before it ships to you. Your Choice of High G or Low G Set-up, with either Aquila or Worth strings, nut / bridge saddle adjustment, string action adjustment, fret levelling (as needed), fret polishing.

Your ukulele will be 'ready to rock" right out of the case when it arrives, tune up the strings and GO!.

The Ohana SK-38 is an all Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele styled on a Vintage 1930 Martin Style 2. The SK38 gives you High quality at an incredible price.

The tone has that classic soprano "bark". and warm woody tone that owners of vintage mahogany ukuleles crave. The build specifications copy those of vintage ukulele from the ebony wood nut / saddle combination and the ultra thin lightweight premium solid mahogany top back and sides, vintage style friction tuners, to the vintage dimension and style bracing etc... well it all combines very nicely to produce a lovely sounding soprano ukulele. Another winner from the folks at Ohana!

Rich Premium Grade Solid Mahogany Soprano Top/Back/Sides
Vintage Finish and weathered look
Body Binding
Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
Ebony Nut & Saddle
Gotoh Friction Tuners
Aquila Stings