B8 Worth Brown 8 String Tenor CODE: B-8 - 2 Restrings per Packet = Super Value

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 B8 8 String Worth Ukulele Strings

2 Restrings per Packet = Super Value

Easier playing on your fingertips than the other brands.

No More Shredded Fingertips.

Your fingers will LOVE U AGAIN

I love the multi-string tuned Ukes, especially the 8 string Ukuleles.  They sound fantastic, jangle, interesting natural chorus effects from doubled up strings.  The 8 String ukes can make a standard piece of music really stand out. Think of the sound of a 12 string Guitar Vs the standard 6 string and you will get what we mean. 

Up till now the drawback has always been that the 8 Strings absolutely shred your fingers to bits.  Its not surprising, more strings, means more tension and your fingers work harder.

I play my 8 string uke a lot and when I let other players have a shot they always comment on how easy the Worth strings are on their fingers, much easier than their own ukuleles.  

Make the change to worth B-8 string sets and you will never go back to high Tension strings again.  That is unless you enjoy pain.


Worth Strings do things just a little bit differently, the way that Worth package their strings sets is that the Strings are Extra Long, Double length in fact, enough to restring your ukulele TWICE.

Worth give you enough string length to restring your ukulele twice.
I normally remove the string, cut it in half, put 1 half on the ukulele and return 1 half of the string to its packet for next time.

Beautiful Tone Starts with Beautiful Strings
Worth Premium Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings are one of the most popular brands of strings among Professional Ukulele Musicians.   

Manufactured in Japan, Worth Creations make premium quality ukulele strings in 43 inch sets for Soprano/Concert and 63 inch sets for Tenor, Baritone, 6 and 8 string ukulele. 

Often copied but never bettered,  Worth are still The Original and The Best Fluorocarbon Ukulele strings.

43 Inch length sets suit Soprano / Concert
63 Inch length sets suit Tenor / Baritone / 6 String / 8 String 

Imported in Australia by Ukulele Trading Co Australia.

1.  Easy Playing Feel under your fingers - Softer Material and a Lower Tension
Worth is a softer, easier feeling string under your fingertips, this is due to their lower tension and being made of Fluorocarbon.

  1.  Easier Bending Notes and Vibrato – Smooth lead playing.
    If you like to bend notes then try Worth strings. Fluorocarbon strings will not 'roll under’ your fingertips like other materials do. You can really 'dig in' and bend a note smoothly with great control of your pitch and vibrato.
  2.  Choose your own Tone Jazzy or Bright.
    Worth ukulele strings come in Brown and Clear versions.

The BROWN string sets exhibit a warmer, rounder jazzy sound.

The CLEAR strings are brighter with an exceptional sweet bell like tone. 

Worth fluorocarbon strings exhibit less of the harsh strident tone that characterises Gut/Artificial Gut/Nylon strings.  Worth strings offer you a sweet rounder softer tone, with less of a 'sharp attack' to the beginning of notes.

  1.  High or Low G sets – without finger squeak. 
    The Worth low G ukulele strings are not wound, so they are less likely to give finger noise and do not have that annoying “Finger Squeak' of wound low G strings.
  2.  Value for money with 2 sets per pack.
    Worth ukulele strings come in double-length sets. Each package contains enough string length to restring your ukuleletwice.
  3.  Rapid ‘Settling In’ with Stable Tuning.
    When new strings are fitted they will (regardless of brand) take some time to stretch and settle in. Unlike other strings Worth Ukulele Strings will stretch out and settle in just a few days, and will remain stable, with no further stretching due to unwanted elasticity of string material.
  4.  Volume Balance.
    Comparing Worth strings with nylon strings of the same tension, Worth strings have a more consistent and even volume and tone balance between the strings, especially the Low G sets.
  5.  Long Lasting.
    Worth Strings are less prone to breakage than strings manufactured from less durable and stable materials. Worth Low g strings are solid Fluorocarbon and unlike wound low g strings there is NO outer wrap to separate or wear away from an inner core, the separation leads to string failure.
  6.  Stable Tuning.
    You will find Worth Ukulele Strings have very stable tuning regardless of Temperature and Humidity changes.