AQ104U Aquila Super Nylgut Concert Low G Ukulele Strings Set 4 strings

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AQ104U Aquila Super Nylgut Concert Low G Ukulele Strings  Set 4 strings

TUNING:  Concert Wound Low G

Almost every ukulele player knows that Italian Aquila Ukulele Strings have a very solid reputation. We'd say most ukulele enthusiasts seem to agree that fitting a set of Aquilas are the first and best way improve the tone of a cheap ukulele. The volume and tone improvement will knock you out and are well worth the price of fitting a set.

  • Smoother Feel, 
  • Fuller Tone, 
  • More Volume and 
  • Easier Playing under your fingertips.

The pearl color is slightly different to the regular Nylgut Strings. But its the smoother feel that will impress. They feel great under your finger tips, and anything that makes your playing easier is good by me, having your finger tips feel better after a long session is a bonus on top of the fuller tone.

The smoother feel also makes for easier string slides and transitions, especially chromatic chordal slides and for lead playing the Super Nylgut string is better as you can slide into notes easier.

Super Nylgut strings achieve the required pitch and stability in a few seconds. And a greater acoustic output with a more penetrating sound than regular Nylguts.

The Tone and Volume balance between strings is really good. We think they sound a little bit "fatter / fuller' sounding than the regular Nylgut Strings.

From the Aquila Site.
"SUPERNYLGUT® sets: enjoy your playing with a superb new look and a better sound performance. We are proud to launch the upgraded version of our famous Nylgut® strings: the Super Nylgut ukulele string have a charming natural pearl colour and a very smooth and polished surface feels like wax.

So pleasant for your eyes and for your fingers!

They are also less stretchy than any previous Nylgut® version, this resulting in a faster setting to proper tune when new and in a tendency of easily maintaining the intonation when reached.

On top of this, Supernylgut is stronger and does not suffer from sharp edges of the nuts, marks from frets or hard nail playing.

And you can get all these upgrades together with the wonderful richness of tone which made our Nylgut® a success! Amazing!"