Ukulele Packs

Everything you really need in a Starter Ukulele Pack.

Looking for one of the best Starter ukuleles on the market?

Kala with their MAKALA entry-level series ukuleles has set the ukulele industry standard for 15 years and prove that "affordable" does not have to mean cheap or nasty.

The Makala ukulele is an excellent ukulele for the novice beginner to start their ukulele adventure. 
The inexpensive Makala Classics are comfortable and easy to play. They have the essential accessories that you need and none of the "filler" accessories that you don't really need and will never use.  


  • A well made ukulele that plays in-tune at every fret,
  • A well made ukulele that has a nice comfortable playable Action (String Height)
  • Comes with the ESSENTIAL accessories like;
  • A sturdy gig-bag, and
  • Easy to use Clip-on Headstock Tuner, that is ACCURATE!
  • Access to Kala Apps and Lessons Online.
  • FREE 1 on 1 Live Online Lesson from Music Teacher to get you started.

Buying from a Genuine Kala / Makala Dealer gives you peace of mind and

  • Free Fast Postage in Australia.
  • Quality Guarantee - 12 months backed by Kala Brand.
  • 30 Day Money Back/Exchange
  • Easy Returns.
  • Australian Owned and Operated Company
  • Australian Stock ready to Ship.
  • Not a front company for Chinese Drop Shippers:  Seriously who wants to wait 60 days for a package from China?
  • Local Knowledgeable Customer Service and Backup.
  • Secure Easy Ordering.