Ohana SK-28 Soprano Ukulele Solid Mahogany Nunes Vintage Style + Hardcase, Tuner

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Ohana SK-28 Soprano Ukulele
Vintage Series Limited Edition Nunes Style
Solid Mahogany

$435 with
FREE Postage in Australia.
In a world overflowing with 'ME TOO' Cookie Cutter ukuleles the Ohana  SK-28 is a breath of fresh air...
the tone, the feel, the look, really are a world away from generic mass produced blandness. 
And at $435 AUD somewhat of a bargain as
my Package Includes Hardcase, Setup, Tuner, Shipping within Australia
Launched recently overseas the SK-28 is another homage to a vintage instrument, inspired by  the instruments introduced to Hawaii by the likes of legendary luthiers Manuel Nunes and Augusto Dias.
The 'Figure 8' or 'Peanut' body shape is a true classic,
it is the closest representation of the Portuguese instruments brought to the Hawaiian islands.  

Dias and Manuel Nunes the earliest ukulele makers and
crafted ukuleles for more than 40 years and are legend amongst ukulele  enthusiasts.
History tells that Samuel Kamaka and Nunes own son, Leonardo, were apprentices and continued making quality ukuleles. In 1998, the Ukulele Hall of Fame inducted Manuel Nunes into their honorees.
'Louis Wu of Ohana Music has come up with a fantastic homage to the 'original' ukulele, made  in the traditional style.'
If you are serious about your ukulele playing and uke collecting
then a 'Peanut' body style soprano is a must have for you. 
This soprano has such a pleasing warm tone and
easy playability that you soon realise that the
old master Luthiers really were onto something good.
Premium solid mahogany top/back and sides
Ebony nut and saddle
Classic rope rosette and purfling
Satin finish
Friction tuners
Aquila strings

$435 AUD 
Includes Hardcase, 
Shipping within Australia