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Can you re-string a right-handed ukulele to be a left-handed ukulele?

I get this question all the time.  
Can you re-string a right-handed ukulele to be a left-handed ukulele?

The short answer is YES you can, the long answer is below.

NOTE:  If you would like it restrung lefthanded just put a note in the comments section during the checkout process, this is a no-cost option and I offer it as part of the setup process we perform before shipping out ukuleles to their new forever homes.

Restringing right-handed ukuleles to lethanded is typically a straightforward process due to their symmetrical bridges.

Unlike steel-string acoustic guitars, ukulele bridges/saddles are un-compensated (just like classical guitars), which means the saddle, where the strings rest, is flat and not angled. Every String is the same length from nut to saddle.

To restring to a left-handed ukulele, you need to reverse the order of the strings, and away you go, ready to rock.

Because of the absence of a compensated bridge, there's no need to be concerned about intonation as it remains consistent for both right-handed and left-handed players.

This is in contrast to steel string acoustic guitars, which have an angled compensated bridge designed to enhance intonation by slightly altering the string length with their angled saddles.  Simply reversing the string order won't suffice, as the angled saddle and bridge are tailored for right-handed play only.

Cheers CC

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