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We sell fun and happiness in a four stringed box.

Welcome to the Band - You Rock … Aussie Aussie Aussie  ... Uke Uke Uke.   

Ukulele is 'hands down' the best little instrument to learn music on. And the best time to start learning and playing ukulele is now!   

Yes I truly believe that it has never been easier for me to share the joy of music than on this almost magical little instrument. 

Enjoy the Shop and have fun,
Happy strumming,

Cheers C.C.

P.S. If you ever visit Adelaide in South Australia, lets get together and have a uke jam.


Why purchase a ukulele from our little Aussie Family Business?
1.  We are a Dedicated Ukulele store, our 100% focus is on the magical little instrument that brings joy to peoples lives.  Ukuleles are our passion and not just an afterthought.  No drums, no keyboards, no guitar, just ukuleles.  

2. Free Insured Tracked Shipping on all Ukuleles shipped. And now Carbon Neutral Postage - the planet thanks you.

3. A Quality Kala, Ohana or Flight Ukulele actually Helps you Learn Faster. 

4. Every Customer gets a Voucher for a 30 minute One On One Lesson with USA based music teacher Jeffrey Thomas to get you started. Valued at $39.

5. You will have a bloody good time and make a lot of new friends.

You know how good you feel inside when you hold a puppy or kitten in your arms, well ukuleles are kinda like that feeling. Fun and happiness … but without any fur allergies.  Ukuleles do seem to reproduce like cats though, one ukulele is never enough. And we are the ukulele equivalent of the ‘Crazy Cat Person”.

Happy Customers are the lifeblood of our business, we want you to be this happy;

  • Best seller I have come across, thanks Chris.

  • Fantastic service. Thank you for this wonderful ukulele!

  • Thank you Chris, a beautiful. Instrument.

  • Thanks Chris, received today, beautiful instrument. Great deal.

  • Amazing quality, great sounds too, love it!

  • Quality item arrived exactly as described and well packed.

  • Awesome quality great intonation and tone, great case. Quick Great communication.

  • A great and excellent person to deal with. Is spot on with description of item.

  • Very happy with uke and the effort he put into the setup. 

  • Thanks Chris-from-Ukulele-Trading! No1! Fantastic dealing with you! Recommended!

  • Super fast postage thanks!!!

  • Great communication, excellent product and speedy delivery. Will shop again.

  • Fast delivery, great item, will buy from again. A+++

  • Quick delivery and easy to deal with - Thanks!

  • Very professional fast dispatch great communication, highly recommended A+++


If you are new to ukulele it can be difficult to choose an instrument. These days the range of ukuleles, brands, sizes and woods is vast. Ukulele Trading Co have narrowed down the vast choice to instruments that we are happy to play ourselves.

Here is a Question. 
Is a substandard ukulele is holding you back from making the great music you want to make?

Stepping up to a Kala, Flight or Ohana uke can be a revelation. A quality well playing Ukulele is a revelation.  Ive helped thousands of customers have that WOW moment when they realise YES THEY can play Uke and THEY DO sound good.

Finding out too late, that your ukulele is substandard and actually fights you making progress is a bummer.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”  
– Benjamin Franklin.  


And that’s where the Ukulele Trading Co Australia can help you. We are more than happy to sell Kala Brand Ukuleles and Ohana Ukuleles.

Both these companies have a dedication to producing quality ukuleles, and we admire that. Real instruments - not toys is what you need. 

We gets asked by overseas manufacturers “ will you sell our ukuleles?” And I ask myself 2 questions; 
1.  “Do they offer great quality and value for money for my customers?"

2.  "Would I be happy playing one?”.

I am simply not interested in selling ‘no name cheap as chips' ukuleles. Seriously, you work hard for your dollars and you deserve better than that.

People bring us these no name cheap as chips ukes and ask us to try and fix them.  We try, but most often the frets and bridge are poorly positioned and they will never play in tune properly.  Sometimes the String Height (Action) is horrifying, you could drive a truck in between the space between the strings and the fretboard ... more Suspension bridge than ukulele.


I’ve been in bands writing songs and performing since my teens, and I’ve been operating a music shop and also selling musical instruments on-line since 1998, when all around here was virtual green fields.

I can remember when there were NO internet browsers (Mosaic was a game changer) and I remember when the internet was not a commercial platform, just an education platform. Yes I’ve had many many trips around the Sun!

When I started up in Music retail the ukuleles available to the industry were by and large of poor quality, almost toys, unless you were purchasing an Hawaiian handmade instrument of course.

But then I came across Kala Brand Ukuleles and what a revelation they were. Finally inexpensive, reliable, well made ukuleles that actually sounded good, very good in fact

In Kala Brand I'd finally found ukuleles I would be happy to play and happy for my customers to play.

I started stocking some Ukuleles and things just snowballed.  I now sell lots of ukuleles, good quality instruments will always sell well.   

I really caught the ukulele bug, I am a convert, I have seen the Light.  Just Like Jake Blues.

I made a fantastic discovery in Ukulele playing.  It has rekindled my love of teaching music and sharing the joy of making music.

Playing ukulele you “get runs on the board early” and that early success instils confidence and a desire to learn more.

I can get people playing a song in an afternoon workshop, even if they have never played an instrument before, you cannot get that with any other instrument.

Christopher Carr
Your mate in the Ukulele Trade

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