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How do I know if my steel-string ukulele needs intonation?

If your Steel String Ukulele sounds a bit wonky when you play certain chords
A. You may need to adjust your playing technique or
B. Adjust the intonation of your instrument. 

Intonation adjustments are made by adjusting the position of your bridge saddles to either lengthen or shorten the scale length of the string. You will be moving the saddle closer or farther from the rear of the bridge. But maybe it isn’t an intonation problem at all; how do you check?

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The Open E chord shape on Uke is a real pain in the backside, on Guitar, it is so easy, but on Uke no way. If you really want to learn the open E, and I highly recommend you give it a crack, then practice daily using the 'Easy chord / Hard Chord method' is a way to do it.

The only way to learn to dive is to climb the tower and jump into the pool, get out, climb the tower and jump again, every time it becomes less 'belly flop' and more 'graceful swan'. 

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Snapping Brand New Ukulele Strings whilst tuning up? Our answers to this common problem, we cover; 1 Is the Set for the Right Scale length of Ukulele. 2 The Pitch as it is not not just the Note on the tuner that is important. 3 Use a tuner that shows the actual pitch 4 What Order of tuning the strings from slack.
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