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Want to get better at ukulele faster?

Yes, of course, we all do, but our internal monologue often sabotages our efforts.

Practice Positive self-talk when learning a new skill. Talk yourself into the game, not out of the game.  You will get more out of your playing if you learn to practise positive self-talk when trying to learn a new skill, it may be that new chord, that lead lick or fast chord changes.

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Learning To Play Ukulele Tips.

Practise ukulele like it is Playtime, not hard work.

If you approach your practise time on your ukulele with the mindset that 'this is hard work' then it will be hard work.

Take a lesson from children. Observe children with a new game on an iPad. They just go for it, they dive in, at first they suck, then they get better.

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