Practise Positive Self Talk when learning a new Ukulele Skill

Practise Positive Self Talk when learning a new Ukulele Skill

Want to get better at ukulele faster?

Yes, of course, we all do, but our internal monologue often sabotages our efforts.

Practice Positive self-talk when learning a new skill. Talk yourself into the game, not out of the game.  You will get more out of your playing if you learn to practise positive self-talk when trying to learn a new skill, it may be that new chord, that lead lick or fast chord changes.

Honestly hands up if when you make a mistake you say something like "I will never do it"  or  "I can't do it"  or  "that's impossible".  We all do it, but it is this seemingly inconsequential self-talk that is contributing to holding back your efforts.

I'm a firm believer that positive self-talk improves learning,  and I will paraphrase old Buddhist teaching that is something along the lines of  'Thoughts become words, and words become actions.' It is true. 

If another person in your uke group or on youTube can do something on the ukulele that you cant, then there are only two possibilities; either they possess some superhuman ability that no one else on the planet does, or they are just another human that practiced till they got it right. 

So try it, and see how much faster you learn new skills with a little bit of positive self-talk.  I like to remind all my students that the most underused word in learning is the word Yet

When they say "I can't do it"
I remind them to put a YET at the end of their sentence  and it becomes
"I can't do it YET."
They always do get it in the end.

Cheers CC
My ukuleles bring all the people to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
I can teach you, but I have to charge


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