Can I tune my Baritone to LOW G Tenor Tuning?

Can I tune my Baritone to LOW G Tenor Tuning?

Q.  Can I Tune My Baritone Ukulele to regular Ukulele Tuning Low G Tenor GCEA?

A.  "Yes"  you can tune a baritone ukulele like a standard ukulele, BUT you need the right strings.

LOW G Baritone Conversion String set.
1 x AQ23U set of 4 strings.
1 x AQ16U Single Low G String Wound.


Changing a Baritone (DGBE) over to Tenor tuning (GCEA) is a very common procedure; we sell loads of conversion string sets every year.  The Auqila AQ23U Strings are designed to pull up to the correct tension for GCEA tuning at the Baritone scale length.

What about Scale Length and Tension?
The scale length (Bridge to Nut) of a Baritone is a bit longer than Tenor scale length. The AQ16U string has enough string length to reach from bridge to tuning machine head.

To achieve a LOW G Tuned Baritone in GCEA tuning we need to use a 'workaround' and employ an AQ16U Wound Tenor Low G String.  Using the Tenor Low G string in place of the High G from the AQ23U Set is a workaround that works beautifully.  

Rest assured that yes the Tenor Low G string will work on a Baritone Ukulele.  I use it on my own Baritone.

The AQ16U being a Low G string has considerably lower tension (to bring it to pitch) than a high g string tension.  That is why we can use it on the Baritone in place of the High G from the AQ23 set. The tension on the Low G string over the baritone scale length is less tension then exerted by a High G string.

Take the supplied AQ16U Tenor Wound Low G String and fit it in the Low G string position instead of the High G from the AQ23U set.   From the AQ23U Set fit the C E and A strings to your Baritone. 

Tune up and Rock Out.  Hey presto you now have a Low G tuned GCEA baritone scale ukulele.

Enjoy and Cheers C.C.  

Ukulele Trading Co Australia

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