UKELAIDE The 7th Annual Great Adelaide Ukulele Picnic 2020 - 5 ukes to win this year.

UKELAIDE The 7th Annual Great Adelaide Ukulele Picnic 2020 - 5 ukes to win this year.


Please show your support for the day and help us keep it free for all, simply click here to buy now without leaving your home (it's easy!) 

5 ukes to win this year + keep it free!

SA's biggest ukulele event, The Great Adelaide Ukulele Picnic, is now in it's 7th year running - despite 2020 trying it's best to get in the way!

While we have many giveaways on the day, the raffle puts you in the running for the BIG prizes from our sponsors and, more importantly, keeps the event FREE for all. One book of tickets gets you ten chances to win and helps pay for a whole day of community fun and entertainment. Your support is invaluable to us and gives back to the fantastic uke community here in SA. Cheaper than a movie ticket and way more fun!

Our volunteer team of organisers greatly appreciates your support and looks forward to sharing the love with you on the day - but if you can't attend, you'll still be in the running to TAKE HOME A GREAT PRIZE.

After all, the perfect number of ukes to own is how many you already have - PLUS one! (if you don't play uke, this is a great starting point, or it'll make a great gift for a loved one who does!) 

This raffle is possible due to the generous support of our South Australian sponsors: Jacaranda Music, The Ukulele Trading Co Australia, Global Music Revolution and Winston Music. Please support these businesses when buying or upgrading your uke or accessories :) We also thank local U-bass legend Jim Kornaat, who doesn't run a business but constantly gives of himself to the SA uke community xx

Tickets are priced at $2 each, 10 tickets for $20, 20 tickets for $40, 50 tickets for $100, 100 tickets for $200


We are getting a lot of requests for info about the 2020 Songbook.
The situation right now is that we are trying to finalise the book this week but we are still waiting on final submissions from groups that haven't done so in the correct format (tsk, tsk!).
We would love to be able to spend all our time doing that work for you (lol) but the reality is that our volunteers have busy lives and are already donating many hours a week towards organising all the other aspects of the event - some of them are even moving house at the same time!
As soon as it is ready we will upload a FREE electronic PDF version that you can use to practice with and keep on your computers and tablets, and we will then provide more info about the printed version.

We are also introducing a membership option later this week which will give you voting rights at our AGM, PLUS a vinyl sticker, PLUS a limited-edition badge that you can only get via membership (there will be other badges available on the day but this one is members only) - PLUS it will get you a printed version of the Songbook $5 cheaper than for non-members! (on top of the membership fee).
Best bit - the membership fee is just $10 for both 2020 AND 2021 combined - great value!

The Songbook is also very reasonably priced (final cost TBC but I believe under $20) and you'll be getting a ring-bound book with a full-colour cover and plastic protective sheet so it should last years and look great in your collection.

To streamline entry on the day and meet COVID requirements, we will be putting up a link to FREE registration for the day on the PICNIC Facebook page so we can just scan your ticket on the way in instead of having to make you fill out all your contact details at the gate.

As part of this registration you will have the option to purchase the membership, the songbook or a discounted version of the two if you are wanting both. You will also be able to pick up your book on the day when you enter the event - along with your membership bonuses if you choose that.

When you check in on the day, you will also be given a wristband that will include your FREE door prize number (and there are a lot of prizes still being donated, so lots of chances to win).

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