Why Kala Brand Ukuleles Rock

Why Kala Brand Ukuleles Rock

I'm really happy to be a Kala Brand Ukulele Dealer here in OZ, simple because I think they offer astounding 'bang for your dollar'.  They have an instrument for a beginner and an instrument for professionals playing gigs and recording.  

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I find Kala Brand ukuleles play and sound great straight outta the box, and that makes my life as a retailer so much easier.

Our Setups of ukuleles go faster and our customers are happy they are getting a quality instrument, not a toy. It's a Win-Win.

Since Mike Upton started Kala Brand in 2005 the quality of their instruments has been setting the industry standard.

Such is the demand for Kala Brand ukulele that it's hard to keep up. Luckily Shipments of ukulele arrive in Australia regularly and the Importer is also located in our hometown of Adelaide South Australia. So if I don't have a particular model (and there are 100's) on my shelves then I can order it in ASAP.

CLICK HERE to check out the huge range of Kala ukuleles.

Check out their welcome video.


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