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Want to get better at ukulele faster?

Yes, of course, we all do, but our internal monologue often sabotages our efforts.

Practice Positive self-talk when learning a new skill. Talk yourself into the game, not out of the game.  You will get more out of your playing if you learn to practise positive self-talk when trying to learn a new skill, it may be that new chord, that lead lick or fast chord changes.

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I'm really happy to be a Kala Brand Ukulele Dealer here in OZ, simple because I think they offer astounding 'bang for your dollar'.  They have an instrument for a beginner and an instrument for professionals playing gigs and recording.  CLICK HERE to check out the huge range of Kala ukuleles. I find Kala Brand ukuleles play and sound great straight outta the box, and that makes my life as a retailer so much easier. Our Setups of ukuleles go faster and our customers are happy they are getting a quality instrument, not a toy. It's a Win-Win. Since Mike Upton started...

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