Learning To Play Ukulele Tips.

Learning To Play Ukulele Tips.

Practise ukulele like it is Playtime, not hard work.

If you approach your practise time on your ukulele with the mindset that 'this is hard work' then it will be hard work.

Take a lesson from children. Observe children with a new game on an iPad. They just go for it, they dive in, at first they suck, then they get better.

They approach the task as play, not work. Learning through play is a term used in educational psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children can develop motor and cognitive skills required to engage in new tasks and experiences.

So pick up your Ukulele often and just have fun, just play!

Sure you will hit some bum notes, maybe play a bit out of time, so what, no biggie.

Make some mistakes, but don't stress on them, play your ukulele and then play some more.  Enjoy the process of getting better on your Ukulele. Approach your ukulele practise time as play time, as fun time.

Cheers CC

Now go Practise Uke err I meant go have fun.


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