Learning Ukulele - Please give yourself permission to be a beginner ukulele player (no matter how long you have been playing)

Learning Ukulele - Please give yourself permission to be a beginner ukulele player (no matter how long you have been playing)

Don't try and be perfect.  Just try to be better than you were yesterday.

TIP - If you change your mindset, your stress levels will be lower and learning will be faster. It is a physiological and psychological fact

Giving yourself permission to be a beginner ukulele player is liberating. 

You don’t have to be the best uke player, just enjoy being a better uke player than you were yesterday. Enjoy the journey of becoming better.


Stress inhibits learning.

Learning ukulele is about getting your fingers and brain talking, brain and fingers linked by neurons.  The more stressed about making mistakes you are, the slower your brain and fingers will connect. 

Why?  Well, stress causes cortisol to be released into your body, and cortisol inhibits neuron growth and cortisol also inhibits muscle growth.

Every time I come across a new ukulele chord or new ukulele technique I am a uke beginner again
I don't know how to do it today, but if I play it daily I realize that eventually, I will know it.  Learning to play ukulele isn't like a school with year classes, a school with exams to be passed or failed.  


Don't Box yourself in.

Unfortunately, somehow we box ourselves into groups e.g. Beginner ukulele or Intermediate Ukulele or good or bad players, etc.  Our perceptions limit us, too often people beat themselves up about what they cannot do, and never seem to enjoy what they can do. 

Change your mindset - Maximize your 'cans' and Minimize your 'cannots'.

We maximize our stress over what we cannot do, we increase the release of cortisol and we inhibit our neuron and muscle growth.

Excellence in playing music on your ukulele is what happens when you play over and over again. Through consistency, your “best” will inevitably evolve. Your Brain and your fingers will form better neurological connections in small daily increments.


Embrace failure - Minimise stress - Learn faster

Becoming a musician is not about being without faults or failure, but how you learn and keep going anyway, and that way of learning leaves a positive impact on you, and on the world around you.

Success is about perception. If you celebrate the small wins, the small micro improvements you make daily, then that is a success!.

Don’t let your perception of success be some far off distant notion of perfection. Enjoy what you can do today, and enjoy knowing that tomorrow you will be better.

Pictured is the Thinline Kala Traveller Series with Solid Spruce Top. 


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