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Welcome to another week in the pandemic ukulele family. Have You Been Paying Attention? host Tom Gleisner was asked how he was spending his time in lock-down? "I’ve taken up the ukulele. You can’t come out the other end of this period without having developed at least one new skill." So be like Tom, take up making music on that little box of joy that is Ukulele. We live in an age of hustle bustle and hyper productivity; now with the COVD19 lock-down and isolation maybe it is your time to take a breath, relax and embrace learning for learning's...

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Learning Ukulele Tricks and Tips.  This one simple mental mindset trick will help you learn ukulele with less stress and more enjoyment.  Don't try and be perfect. Just try to be better than you were yesterday.  Giving yourself permission to be a beginner ukulele player is liberating. 

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Learning To Play Ukulele Tips.

Practise ukulele like it is Playtime, not hard work.

If you approach your practise time on your ukulele with the mindset that 'this is hard work' then it will be hard work.

Take a lesson from children. Observe children with a new game on an iPad. They just go for it, they dive in, at first they suck, then they get better.

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  Ive had a chat to my favourite postmaster at my favourite post office and asked how I should advise customers about Australia post Christmas Deliveries. Here is the drum. Regular Letter Post/Parcel Post Monday 16th December. Express Post Wednesday 18th December.

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Ukulele Blues Club Saturday 6th April.

This month one of the three kings of Blues, Mr B.B. King. We look at his style and unpack his hit song the Thrill is Gone. That's one damn sexy tune.

1pm -2;30pm Old Spot Hotel Main North Road Salisbury SA. $10

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