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The Chord Genome Project: What if you could reverse engineer and search songs based on chords you already know.


I have found a great site that I had to share. 

Like yourself, I’m always looking for songs to learn to play, normally you and think of a song then have to search for the chords to the song. And sadly, a lot of suggested chords are plain wrong, but that’s is TAB sites eh.  So, finding the correct chords often involves lots of time, lots of searches and comparisons to work out what is correct.

But what if you could reverse engineer and search songs based on chords you already know.

The Chord Genome Project lets you search for songs based on the chords they use.  It is so easy to use, type in 3 chords and all the songs that use those three cords are collated into a list for you. 

For example, let’s say you are just starting, and you have learnt the chords of C, F and G, simply type them into the search engine and wait for a feast of songs that also use those chords.  I did a search for C F and G and this is the type of result that come out, 225 songs, 3 pages all songs with C F and G

Austin created the Chord Genome Project to help make learning easier for beginners, but in truth, it is a fantastic resource for all players regardless of their skill level.

Good luck. Good Searching and happy strumming.

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