AQ140U Thunder Black UBass 4 String Set - EADG Tuning

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AQ140U Thunder Black UBass 4 String Set - EADG Tuning

Less Sticky feel than regular polyurethene

Thunderblack is a special very elastic and dense material developed by Aquila Corde Armoniche in their Italian headquarters that assure superior performances over the common polyurethane and silicon rubber bass strings available in the market.

Thunderblack bass ukulele strings have a surface that is less sticky than silicone rubber strings and less stretchy and not as slippery to the touch as polyurethene strings.

This means Thunderblack's can be installed directly on the peg tuner, avoiding the laborious task of manual pre-stretching as is often necessary with other bass uke strings. Thunderblack strings along with Aquila Thundergut and Thunder Reds continue to lead the way in string technology for bass ukuleles.

Please Note - These strings have been designed specifically for the Kala U Bass and Ashbory basses of 20" to 21" inch scale only and are not to be used on longer scales.

Standard EADG Tuning
For Kala UBass & Ashbory Bass Ukuleles
Designed For Use With 20" & 21" Inch Scales Only
Superior Performance - Stable Intonation & Faster Tuning