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Case Upgrade Deal. Add a Case to your order for just $75

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Case Upgrade Deal.
Add a Case to your Ukulele order for just $75.

Purchase a Ukulele from me, and you can add a matching case to your Ukulele order for just another $75.

Gigbags or carboard boxes are OK to throw in the back seat or boot of the car, but if someone sits on it or puts something heavy on top of it, then it is broken neck time for your ukulele.

And you would never want to have your ukulele travel on a plane in the cargo hold in just a gigbag; you would most likely have a bag of firewood when you landed.

  • Ultimate Protection: Purchasing a matching hardcase for your new ukulele provides superior protection against impacts, scratches, and environmental hazards, ensuring the safety of the cherished ukulele during transport and storage.

  • Long-Term Preservation: You have invested in a quality instrument, and it will last you a lifetime. You want to safeguard the investment for years to come and pass it on down the family.

  • Climate Control: The padding and foam insulation act like climate control for your ukulele. Hardcases maintain stable humidity levels, which is crucial for preserving the ukulele's tone and preventing damage from temperature fluctuations.

  • Professional Presentation: Hardcases just look better than gigbags. They elevate the presentation of the ukulele, reflecting your commitment to quality and making a statement about how you value your instrument.

  • Convenience and Organization: Hardcases come with additional storage compartments for accessories, enhancing convenience.  Capos, Tuners, spare strings have a place.

Case Upgrade Deal.  Add a Case to your order for just $75

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