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Flight AUC City Elise Ecklund Signature Concert Ukulele with gigbag

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The Elise Ecklund City Ukulele is an amazing instrument and a piece of art that reflects the beauty and fun of city adventures.

Elise says the design of the City Ukulele was inspired by beautiful cities she has visited, as well as the cities that remain on her bucket list.   Every city has its own vibe, featuring quaint coffee houses, amazing rooftop views, and stunning architecture. Elise wanted to create a ukulele that would reflect this concept of uniqueness through a design with an abstract blue and gold city skyline, leaving room for each person to interpret the artwork on the ukulele.  For Elise, the design reminds her of her past travels, songs she has sung, and her future goals. Imagine the experiences you will have with this ukulele and the meanings it will have for you!

The Elise Ecklund City Ukulele offers great looks, sound, playability, durability, and value.  Looking for the perfect uke to take with you on every city adventure? If so, this is it!


Stunning Looks

Laminate ukulele with an amazing soundboard design

The Elise Ecklund City Ukulele is an outstanding ukulele featuring a laminate spruce top and laminate Okoume back and sides.  The highlight of the ukulele is the city-inspired design on the soundboard.  This ukulele sounds as good as it looks!

Let's play.

Okoume Neck & Blackwood Fingerboard

The neck of the Elise Ecklund City  is made from African okoume, and the fingerboard is made from walnut. This combination guarantees stable intonation across the fretboard. The contour of the neck feels great in your hands, and looks fantastic!

Aim and reach high

Stylish Cutaway

At Flight, we want you to reach your full potential as a musician. You may not initially need the cutaway, but when you are ready to play up the neck, the cutaway will allow you to explore your full potential and allow you to grow further than you ever thought possible!

Fasten your seatbelt

Strap button

We care about out Flighters, so we added strap buttons to every Flight ukulele.  It is good to be able to play the ukulele without a strap, but there are times when a strap is incredibly useful. A strap makes it easier to hold a ukulele so you can keep playing for hours and to be “hands free” between songs.

Pitch perfect.

Bone nut & walnut bridge

The nut may seem to be a small component, but it plays a critical role in the overall sound of an instrument.  The nut and saddle of this ukulele are made from bone (not from plastic), which creates a better tone quality.

It all starts with the head.

Good-looking and easy to tune.

Headstock design is an integral part of every Flight ukulele.  This ukulele features a colorful gradient blue headstock, complimenting the overall design of the ukulele.  The ukulele has geared tuners that are easy to use and will help you to keep your ukulele in tune.



Body Shape: Concert (17 frets)
Top: Laminate Spruce
Back & Side: Laminate Okoume
Bridge: Walnut


Neck: African Okoume
Fretboard: Walnut
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Nut Width: 35mm

Strings: Aquila Nylgut


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 14th frets.
Premium Features: Arched back, Geared Tuners, City Soundboard Design, Aquila Super Nylgut Strings, Side Position Markers.

Flight AUC City Elise Ecklund Signature Concert Ukulele with gigbag
Flight AUC City Elise Ecklund Signature Concert Ukulele with gigbag

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