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Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele with gigbag and FREE Shipping

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You asked, and Flight listened!

By popular demand, Flight proudly present the Aurora baritone ukulele, the first baritone in Flights Princess series, and it is definitely deserving of the title.

This ukulele is majestic!

It features a rosewood back and sides for a deep, rich, resonant tone with a solid spruce top that also provides clarity and projection, combined with a C1U Active pickup which makes it a great ukulele for amateur and professional performers alike.  Remember that our baritone ukuleles are strung with DGBE tuning, which is the same as the bottom four strings of a guitar. Having said that, all your usual ukulele chord shapes will work, just for different names of notes and chords.


A classic gets a makeover

Rosewood paired with solid spruce

We paired rosewood back and sides with a solid Spruce top for a sound that is both deep, warm and rich in the mid and lows as well as providing a clarity and projection in the high end. This is a very common combination of guitar tonewoods that works wonderfully for the baritone ukulele.

Let’s Play

Rosewood fretboard and bridge

Like many of our Princess and Royal Series ukes, the Aurora baritone model features a gorgeous chocolatey Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Historically a very popular hardwood for fretted instruments, rosewood can add warmth to the sound of an instrument while lessening harsh higher frequencies.

Infinite sustain

String-through bridge

The string-through bridge is used on many of our Royal series ukuleles and is one of the latest ukulele trends. It makes the top resonate better, as the strings are attached directly through the soundboard, and not to the bridge. Changing the strings might seem a bit confusing at first, but actually it is easier – check our YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to change the strings if you are unsure how to do so.

Pitch perfect

Bone compensated saddle and pin bridge

The Aurora features a real bone nut and a compensated saddle. Compensated saddles help to properly set the intonation of each string. 

Depth and Clarity

D’Addario baritone strings as standard

Especially designed for the baritone with a combination of nickel wound D and G strings and fluorocarbon ‘Titaniums’ for the B and E strings, these strings deliver a contemporary sound and bright tone.

Tasteful Appointments

Abalone Rosette and unique position markers

The abalone rosette offers a classic touch and the unique maple fretboard markers make this baritone stand out from the pack. Side position markers also add to ease of reference.

Real temptation

Stylish cutaway

We decided to use a scalloped cutaway for this model, as it has been a favorite feature of our Spirit, Mustang and Victoria model. This intelligent design allows for playing up the frets but without the compromise on volume and tone that many full cutaways inflict. It also showcases the absolute craftsmanship and mastery of our luthier.

Small yet mighty

Double C1U active pickup

The controls for the active pickup are mounted underneath the sound hole, meaning that a cavity does not have to be created on the side of the ukulele for the pickup.  The Double C1U is easy to use, and sounds great! Ukuleles with the new active pickups include an “A” (for “Active”) as a part of their model number.⁠



Body Shape: Baritone (19 Frets)
Top: Solid Spruce
Back & Side: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood


Neck: African Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Nut Width: 38mm
Strings: D’addario


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th fret.
Premium Features: Solid spruce top, rosewood body, D’addario strings, black binding, white pearoid rosette, pine well machine heads, rosewood fingerboard, C1U double pickup.

The Flight AUC-33 Two Season Concert Ukulele whimsically celebrates two seasons from Slovenia (the home of Flight Ukulele) with a wonderful design by the talented Argentinian artist,!
The Flight AUC-33 Two Season Concert Ukulele whimsically celebrates two seasons from Slovenia (the home of Flight Ukulele) with a wonderful design by the talented Argentinian artist,!

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