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JX-09U Capo specifically designed for ukulele.

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Finally, a Capo is designed for the ukulele so it fits!

Capos specifically designed for the smaller neck of a ukulele will absolutely work better than a guitar capo that is for sure.

Reasons to own a Capo.
1.  A Capo changes keys easily avoiding difficult chords.
2.  Use it to move keys to suit your voice. 
3.  Give new life to old chord progressions, imagine you love certain chord shapes /chord progressions. Whack on a Capo and spice it up. 

Includes Instructions on
How to Change Strings and
How to Tune Strings.


* Perfect sound: with no buzzing.
* Designed for Ukulele.
* Inert silicone pad to protect your ukulele from any scratches.
* Lightweight aircraft-grade Zinc Alloy

A capo (short for capodastro, capo tasto or capotasto [kapoˈtasto], Italian for "head of the fretboard") is a device a musician uses on the neck of a stringed instrument to transpose and shorten the playable length of the strings—hence raising the pitch.

Does a capo make it easier to play?
A capo “moves” the frets closer together as you go up the neck. Playing with a capo requires less stretching in the left hand, making some songs a little easier to play.

A capo is like a moving nut that you can adjust anywhere on the fretboard. It's a small accessory that you can strap around the neck of your uke to keep all the strings aligned on the same fret. When you clamp a capo on the fret, you are basically changing the functional tuning of your uke.

Musicians commonly use a capo to raise the pitch of a fretted instrument so they can play in a different key using the same fingerings as playing open, you can quickly change the key (pitch) of a song to suit your vocals.
In effect, a capo uses a fret of your ukulele to create a new nut at a higher note than the Ukes actual nut.

Many of the greatest pros use capos to quickly change the keys of songs.
Capos are awesome. They can make learning the Ukulele easier for beginners and for more advanced players they can offer greater depth and variety. They really are a tool for all seasons.

It is fact that using a capo allows you to play more songs with fewer chords and I'm all for that  :-) 
JX-09U Capo specifically designed for ukulele.
JX-09U Capo specifically designed for ukulele.

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