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SK-30L Ohana Solid Mahogany Soprano Body / Tenor Neck

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The Longnecks are here, The Longnecks are here. And they are another great addition to the Aussie Ohana range.

Take your playing to the next level with this unique combination of a soprano-size body and tenor scale neck! With 20 frets of playing room, this model is perfect for those who enjoy the soprano sound but may want more finger room on the fretboard. All solid mahogany wood finished in satin gives this instrument a classic look.

Long-Neck Sopranos have been restricted to the "Pricey End of Town", but Ohana makes this great idea available to the masses at a very affordable price.

A 20 Fret Tenor Scale neck and Solid Mahogany Soprano body at a price we mortals can afford ...
Happy Days!

SK-30L Ohana Longneck Soprano RRP in OZ $245.

PLUS As usual, we bundle our Ukes with;
- Clipon Headstock Tuner,
- Set-Up (includes Fret Levelling with Fret Recrown and Polish to perfection)
and YES you really can feel and hear the difference in a properly setup Ukulele.
- FREE Shipping in Australia.

The Soprano Body gives you that traditional Solid Mahogany Midrangy Honk that is typical of the Classic Mahogany Soprano sound that we all love.

An extended, longer neck gives you more room for your fretwork, yet retains an authentic soprano sound. You have real room to move with the increased finger space that is available on a 20 fret Tenor Neck.

I really dig the chunky neck too, I'm of the old school of thought that the fatter the neck the more comfortable your Left hand/arm feels (especially with long gigs)

And a Fatter Neck has more wood mass and is stiffer and stronger and that means every ounce of energy and tone can be wrung out of the Strings. Strings are the quality Italian made Aquila Nylgut

The intonation is fantastic too, I find that you usually get superior intonation on a Tenor neck vis a vis Soprano Neck.

Solid mahogany top and body, and as usual that indefinable Quality Ohana Craftsmanship feel.

Tenor-scale neck
Solid mahogany top, back & sides
Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
Vintage headstock shape
Gotoh geared tuners
Aquila strings
Bone nut & saddle

My Guarantee from one uke player to another. We are family.

I could sell lots of brands of Ukulele and Strings, but I don't, if the quality is not there, then I won't sell them.

I truly believe I have sourced some of the best products in the Ukulele world. Quality Ukuleles from Kala Brand, Ohana and Flight will actually help you Play better, Learn faster and Sound great.

I realise that Buying items online can be a daunting task, I take your trust seriously. And I feel confident enough in Kala Ohana and Flight Ukuleles to offer you this guarantee.

"If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, I will do what it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.
And in 60 days of trying out your ukulele you don't like it, no hard feelings, love it or return it."
Regards Christopher