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VK-70 Ohana Vita-style Soprano Ukulele - A Recreation of the Famous Roy Smeck Vita Ukes

VK-70 Ohana Vita-style Soprano Ukulele: A Recreation of the Famous Roy Smeck Vita Ukes featuring a loud sweet sounding Solid Sprcue top with Mahogany back and sides.

Bonus Ohana Gigbag and
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P.S have you spotted the Art Deco Sea Lion Soundholes? Very Cool.

As a passionate ukulele enthusiast, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the exceptional Ohana VK-70, a concert model that pays homage to the timeless vintage Roy Smeck Vita ukulele. If you haven't ever seen a YouTube video of Roy playing, go and check him out. He was a virtuoso of the instrument and a huge star in his day.

When you choose the Ohana brand, you're not just selecting a ukulele; you're investing in a piece of craftsmanship and musical heritage. 

I like the way Ohana recreates vintage pieces with modern construction techniques and none of the problems of owning a 100-year-old vintage instrument.  These vintage Line ohana ukuleles are meant to be played and enjoyed, not stuck in a glass case to admire.

Quality Construction: The Ohana VK-70 stands out with its exquisite Spruce top. This carefully selected wood not only adds a delightful punch to your sound but also ensures a rich and warm tone from the mahogany back and sides. This combination of Spruce and mahogany creates a harmonious blend of brightness and warmth, making your playing experience truly magical.

A Tribute to Roy Smeck: But what makes this ukulele truly special is its homage to the legendary ukulele player, Roy Smeck. This concert model follows the body style of the vintage Roy Smeck Vita ukuleles, which were cherished by the late, great ukulele virtuoso.

When you play this ukulele, you're not just strumming strings; you're connecting with a history of music and performance.

The VK-70 encapsulates the essence of Smeck's artistry, allowing you to channel his spirit and create your own musical magic.

A Joy to Play: This concert model, with its slightly deeper sound, offers a playing experience that's second to none. It's not just an instrument; it's a companion that will inspire you to explore your musical journey.

From the vintage charm to the modern craftsmanship, the Ohana VK-70 is a ukulele that radiates joy in every note.

Conclusion: The Ohana VK-70 is more than just a ukulele; it's a bridge between the past and present, a tribute to a ukulele icon, and a source of endless joy for any musician. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history and a quality instrument from Ohana. And I would pay the purchase price just for the Art Deco Sea Lion soundholes. 

On a final note, people ask, Is it loud?  Yes, this baby can hold its own in the volume and tone department. A favorite among our customers, they say the combination of shape, sound, and price is unbeatable for
 one-of-a-kind pear shape uke that will make you say “Viva la Vita!”



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