Worth OP-R UBASS Strings Regular Gauge Poly Urethane

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Worth Bass Ukulele Regular Gauge OP-R, Full Set Ukulele Strings.
Long Lasting・Smooth Transition・Stays Tuned

Bass Ukulele Strings - Regular

1st - G .1378"
2nd - D .1575"
3rd - A .1969"
4th - E .2362"

There were many requests to create Bass Ukulele Strings,by Japanese Ashbory and Kala U-Bass players.

So Worth Creations developed the Bass Ukulele Strings. Worth Strings for Bass uses special, Poly Urethane material, so it has long lasting features

Generally Poly Urethane is used in manufacturing machine drive belts so it can withstand the pull under stress.

Comparing with silicone rubber strings, Poly Urethane has a smoother surface. This is a real benefit so players can play it smoothly without talc powder,or any stress on finger tips.

Since Poly Urethane is harder than silicone rubber, the strings last a long time… yet can play the same mellow sound as with silicone bass strings.