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Congratulations on how far you have come in 2018

Well family, the last day of 2018.Congratulations on all your achievements in 2018!
Take a minute to ponder this, at one point in time...
Tommy Emanuel had never played a guitar.
Andy Thomas had never flown in space.
AC/DC had never written a song or played a gig.
Andrew Bogut had never shot a basketball.
BUT... Just like the famous people above, we all started somewhere.
When it comes to learning ukulele, I think all milestones should be celebrated. Otherwise, you forget how far you've come.
As you drive down the road today, don't forget how nervous you were the first time you drove a car.
And if you aren't as far along as you want to be, well simply put in the practise to get there. If you take the time, put in the practise the results cannot help but come.
So relax, enjoy what you can do and don't stress about what you can't do 'YET', everyone forgets that 'Yet' at the end of the sentence.
Remember learning music is not a race, it's not a competition, it's fun, it's laughter, it's relaxing, damn sometimes it's meditation.
So here's to all the Ukulele Steps Climbed, Hurdles Jumped and Epiphanies had ... Roll on 2019.
Cheers CC
Now go practise

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