Tone woods:  Does wood effect your tone?

Tone woods: Does wood effect your tone?

Tone Woods: Instruments are not just lumps of wood with strings. Choosing the right wood changes the tone produced dramatically. 

Q. What are your thoughts on your favourite wood?

I think Cedar is a great top wood, very loud but still plenty of bass tone. And a Cedar Top and Acacia Back and Sides is a winning combo that sells strongly.

My favourite personal uke that I use for my teaching and band work is the species koa/acacia.  Previously I was playing an all solid mahogany ukulele.  

Acacia and Koa are the same, Koa if grown in Hawaii and Acacia if from any other country. Just like our Aussie Champers is now called sparkling wine.

So Acacia AKA Blackwood as its known in Australia is also a great choice.  Personally I think Aussie Blackwood is a fantastic looking wood and Id love to see it used by International Makers.

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